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Flip open any good gambling book on any game and you will come across one common element—Money Management. The game of Blackjack is no different than any other gambling game. If you want to win over the long term, you must manage your money well.

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I want to share with you a couple of Blackjack tips that were passed on to me. These Blackjack tips are vital if you are planning to win at Blackjack over the long term.

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Introduction to Blackjack

Long considered the most popular table game of all time, blackjack is relatively simple to learn and can be a lot of fun. When playing blackjack, your objective is to come as near to twenty-one as possible without going over that number. In addition, your total must be higher than the dealer’s total in order for you to win. Before play commences, each player makes a wager (or “bet”) based on what they believe their odds of winning to be. When each wager has been placed, the players are dealt two cards face up. Subsequently, the dealer is also dealt two cards as well.

If a player’s cards are closer to twenty-one than the dealer’s, the player wins that hand. Consequently, if the dealer goes over twenty-one, the player also wins provided the player has not busted (gone over twenty-one as well.) Your basic options in blackjack are to hit (add another card), stand (the player keeps their hand), split, (if the player’s hands are the same value, they can be made into two separate hands,) and double (a player can double down, be dealt a third card and then keep that hand they were dealt.) With a little practice, you can become an excellent blackjack player by learning the basic strategies of the game.


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