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Want to get Pregnant? Angles can Help!

Why The Proper Angle Can Help You Conceive. Most people know that by tilting the pelvis during and immediately after sexual intercourse can help assist in the conception process. The tilting allows the sperm to pool around the cervix and gives them a better chance of entering the uterus and fallopian tubes. If a woman immediately stands up or lies flat after sex, the sperm can slip out of the vagina altogether.So what angle is best? Most experts agree that a 26 to 27 degree pitch is the best to allow gravity to assist the sperm in its travels. Women should assume this pitched position during or immediately following sex and remain in that position for about 30 minutes to gain the full effects.If possible, the man should time his climax at maximum penetration so that his sperm is deposited as close as possible to the cervix. It is also helpful if the woman can climax at the same time.

When a woman reaches climax, the cervix actually "dips" with each contraction. If a pool of sperm is at the base of the cervix, the cervix will actually dip itself into the pool, greatly increasing the chances that sperm will enter into the uterus. Even if the couple's climaxes cannot be timed together (who needs that kind of pressure, anyway?), it is helpful if the woman can climax after the sperm has been deposited. Guys, it is likely that you need to step up and help out here. You may not be able to stay erect long enough, but you can always find some other way to assist your lady in achieving orgasm.It is important not to put too much pressure on yourselves to become pregnant.

Higher stress levels may actually decrease your conception potential. Conception sex should be as fun as regular sex—and it should be more frequent. Couples sometimes get trapped in the "we must have sex right now" to get pregnant. While ovulation planning can be an important step in conceiving, it is imperative that neither individual feel pressured to perform on the spot. More relaxed, frequent sex will help more than high-pressured performance sex.The best sexual positions for conception are the Missionary (man on top) and Rear-Entry (either kneeling or lying down).

Both of these positions allow for maximum penetration and closer access to the cervix. However, it is still important for the woman to elevate herself at the proper angle to maximize conception potential.It sounds very uncomfortable for a woman to remain elevated during sex, not to mention up to 30 minutes afterwards! Fortunately, there is a product that has been developed to assist in this process. Instead of using an ordinary pillow to elevate the hips, as most couples do, a specially designed, scientifically tested pillow has been created to help couples not only conceive, but have more fun and be more comfortable during the process.Liberator® Shapes are pillows designed with conception in mind! Removable, washable covers make them easy to maintain and use. A special foam insert maximizes comfort while being able to support hundreds of pounds in motion. The Wedge™ and Ramp™ are the conception superstars of the set and have been proven to help couples conceive.

Angled at the proper incline, these products promote fun and lead to that all-important frequent sex that is required of couples who are having difficulty conceiving.Of course, the Liberator® products can be enjoyed during pregnancy and even after the birth for years.For more information about the Liberator® product line, articles about conception and sex, helpful links and more, visit

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